Dr. Kanupriya does the consultation to understand the needs of the patient and come to a diagnosis. The impressions and other necessary records are made for a diagnostic wax up.
The customised temporary smile is then fixed to the patients teeth with minor necessary changes if need be. The patient is then sent home with the new improved smile which he/she can test drive.
After wearing the temporaries, the patient returns to the clinic to provide a feedback with regards to the fit and look of the new smile. once everything is found satisfactory, impressions are made and the ceramist gets to work to create the veneers and crowns.
Dr. Kanupriya cements the permanent Veneers and crowns after removing the temporaries. This is when the patient recieves and goes home with his new smile.
Patient is recalled a couple of days later for the final recontouring where Dr. Kanupriya applies the finishing touches.
Smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations look and feel great for up to 15 years after their completion. Most patients forget they have veneers and crowns in their mouth after a month or so because facial muscles adapt to the new teeth so well and make them look more natural than the day they were put in.